Meriwether County has the most popular form of county government--the commission form. Serving a population of approximately 22,000 people, Meriwether County’s Board of Commissioners has five members, with residents from each of the five districts electing one member of the Board to serve a 4-year term. The Board of Commissioners is the policy-making body; adopting rules and policies, setting a budget, approving capital improvement plans, making land-use decisions and ensuring citizen concerns are met.

The Board of Commissioners appoints a County Administrator to oversee department heads, policy implementation and daily operations of the County. In addition, Commissioners appoint the County Clerk, Public Works Director, DPS Director, E911 Director, Building and Zoning Director, and Finance Director. The Board also selects representatives to serve on other County boards and committees.

In addition to regular County Board meetings, Commissioners serve on county-related boards and sub-committees. They also bring the County’s concerns before state and federal lawmakers and interact with other local boards, such as city and town councils.

Major responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

Establishing a budget and levying taxes to finance County services.
Providing assistance to constituents as their elected representative.
Appointing members to County Board committees (with the exception of elected officials).
Serving on several other committees and boards.
Managing county roads, buildings, and property.
Planning land use within the county.
Authorizing expenditures.
Serving as employer for County personnel.

The Board functions as the legislative and administrative head of Meriwether County. The powers of the Board are outlined in Georgia Statutes, the management and control of County property and the transaction of business affairs of the County are vested in the Board.

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