Six years ago in April 2011 Meriwether County was put to the test when not one but two tornadoes struck Meriwether County one on the north end of the county and the other on the south end that plowed a path of destruction between Manchester and Warm Springs sparing both city centers. But it was then we realized we weren't as prepared as we thought and even though we all pulled together and got the job done, the learning process began. One of the items we identified was our mass notification system was nearly non-existent. Since then we have added the Code Red Mass notification system to alert citizens of emergencies and urgent community issues such as boil water notifications or possibly a criminal manhunt, and only requires one very easy step to make this system work, you need to sign up for it.

A critical step in emergency preparedness is signing up for alerts in your community so disaster won’t take you by surprise. This simple action could make all the difference in the event of an emergency. Code Red offers community notifications and mobile alerting platforms that keep residents informed during the most critical times.


The CodeRED emergency notification software is a reliable and trusted emergency notification solution used by city and county municipalities across North America for community alerting. The system gives authorized users have the ability to send phone calls, text messages, emails, social media messages including Facebook and Twitter, RSS, website widgets and through the public safety alerting application, CodeRED Mobile Alert.

Once enrolled, residents will have access to emergency information sent out by local public safety officials. Residents who sign up for CodeRED will be the first to receive preparedness tips, evacuation notices or warnings regarding threatening weather if they live in a participating CodeRED community.

CodeRED Weather Warning

CodeRED Weather Warning delivers advanced warning of severe weather as soon as a bulletin is issued by the National Weather Service. The automatic system delivers voice calls, text messages and emails to subscribed users. CodeRED Weather Warning is geographically targeted so only residents in the direct path of severe weather are contacted, increasing the relevance of each alert.

CodeRED Weather Warning delivers  severe thunderstorm, flash flood and tornado warnings. Warnings for tsunamis and winter storms are also available to communities who may be impacted by these specific weather phenomena. Oftentimes, residents signed up for CodeRED Weather Warning will receive severe weather alerts before learning about the threat via television or radio. Warnings provide residents with the extra time they need to prepare, which could save their lives.

CodeRED Mobile Alert app

The CodeRED Mobile Alert app is an easy-to-use app designed for Apple and Android devices, as well as tablets. It allows smartphone users to stay alert and informed through the CodeRED system when they travel away from their community. Subscribers receive location-specific, often critical messages throughout the United States and Canada from public safety officials who use the CodeRED community notification system.

The app delivers real-time emergency and severe weather alerts to users within the exact area of impact. Subscribers living in that defined area or passing through that area when the alert is issued will receive the notification on their smartphone. All active alerts issued by CodeRED clients in North America, as well as weather warnings issued by the National Weather Service, can be accessed by users at any time. Residents can download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app here.

You do have to sign up for it online. We will also do this for you by calling our 911 center 24 hrs a day At 706-672-3809. There is notification available to traditional phone lines, Cell Phones, Text Messaging, The Code Red App available thru the Play and Apple stores, Email, and TTDY. Again, Code Red isn't just for severe weather notification, it can be used for all types of emergencies and urgent community issues.

Please sign up for Code Red if you haven't already by selecting the sign up button on this page, on our home page, or by calling the Meriwether County 911 Center at 706-672-3809.

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