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Good afternoon citizens of Meriwether County,


This is Bryan Threadgill, Chairman of The Board of The Meriwether County Board of Commissioners.

We as a Nation, as a State and as a County are all facing a situation that we have not had to face in ways that we are now having to face them.

COVID-19, or the Corona Virus, is a very serious illness that has affected the world. Here in the State of Ga, we are seeing an increase in positive cases as well as an increase in the deaths caused by this Virus. As of today there are no reported cases in Meriwether County but that could change by the hour. We have all heard recommendations handed down from the President, the Governor of the State of GA as well as from the CDC and the Department of Public Health and we need to adhere to these recommendations in an effort to have a more positive outcome from this situation.

We all need to self-quarantine as recommended and not be out in public unless it is absolutely necessary. Please make sure that your elderly family members, as well as those that may have immunocompromised systems, are safe and quarantined in their homes. Please make sure that these individuals have food and the necessary essentials so that they do not have to go out into the public. Also check on your elderly neighbors, BY PHONE, and make sure that they are ok and that they too have what they need because some may not have family close by that can assist them.

If you or someone has symptoms, outlined by the CDC or Department of Public Health, and these symptoms at the moment are not life threatening, please call your Primary Physician during normal business hours, If you do not have a Physician or if it is after hours, please call the Department of Public Health HOTLINE at 844-442-2681 and let these professionals guide and direct you as to the next steps to take. If you have a TRUE medical emergency then please call 911.

Effective immediately, the County Offices will be open for business but the front doors to the offices will be closed, until further notice, in an effort to protect our citizens as well as our employees from possible further spread of this virus. We will post, on the front doors of each department, phone numbers as well as email addresses, to the specific department, so that we can continue to assist the public with questions and needs. The direct numbers and email addresses, for each department, will also be available on the County website and on the County Facebook page.

Again, The Meriwether County Board of Commissioners is asking you as citizens to please follow the recommendations that have been mentioned and let’s beat this situation by keeping everyone as safe as possible. We will ALL get through this and we will get through it together.


God Bless Everyone and please stay safe.