October 30, 2017

​A new brochure outlines the ride fees and rules for the Meriwether Dial-A-Ride transit service, which now provides out-of-county trips for $10 per stop.

The service is operated by Three Rivers Regional Commission. The Meriwether Board of Commissioners recently agreed to allow the out-of-county service to allow riders access to things like doctor visits and shopping needs.

Pavielle Ludlow, from Three Rivers Regional Commission, discussed the cost for out-of-town transportation at the Oct. 11 Meriwether Board of Commissioners meeting and stated it had been determined $10 one way was affordable and less expensive than other potential costs for transportation. Most visits out of the county are for doctors appointments and trips to Walmart. There was a previous advertised meeting, through Three Rivers RC, to allow anyone to come in and ask questions. No one showed up for the meeting. There was discussion of having a minimum of 2 passengers to travel one way to help reduce the overall costs.

Some of the areas of travel will be to Thomaston, Columbus and Newnan. All procedures have been followed.

Upon the recommendation of Administrator Theron Gay and Three Rivers RC, motion was made by Vice Chairman Alfred McCoy and seconded by Commissioner Bryan Threadgill to permit the Meriwether County transportation buses to go out of county, when there is a minimum of 2 passengers, at a cost of $10 each way. All Commissioners were in favor.

For information on the Dial a ride transit program for Meriwether County call toll free, 1-855-407-7433. Operated by Three Rivers Regional Commission.

Cindy Shelnutt painted this image of the Meriwether County Courthouse for an ornament that will represent Meriwether County on a Christmas tree at the Georgia Governor's Mansion for 2017.

New brochure outlines Meriwether Transit options

Vans now make Out-of-County trips

See the new brochure with fares and rules for the Meriwether County Transit program below. Both front and back are shared.

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