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The Probate Court of Meriwether County has been honored by the Standing Committee on Judicial Workload Assessment with a 2018 Judicial Excellence Award for Clearance Rate Excellence during 2017. 

Word was sent recently to Meriwether Probate Court Judge Rasnick.

"Congratulations! The Judicial Council Administrative Office of the Courts is honored to present your court with the 'Clearance Rate Excellence' award for your demonstrated commitment to judicial excellence," the Judicial Council representatives noted in the announcement letter.

The Clearance Rate Excellence Award was created this year to recognize the efforts of Georgia courts as they actively work to manage their incoming caseload.

August 21, 2018

Performance measures such as clearance rates monitor the relationship between incoming and outgoing cases. Ideally, clearance rates of 100 percent or more indicate a court is keeping up with its incoming caseload, whereas, clearance rates below 100 percent mean a court has a backlog of cases. A three-year clearance rate methodology was used to determine the court clearance rate.

"Over the past three years, your court has exhibited an effective case flow management system that has resulted in achieving the clerance rate goal," it was noted. "Your exceptional performance and best courtroom practices are essential elements to the success of our judicial system."

"As your court continues to strive for judicial excellence, we thank your for your contributions and are incredibly honored to share this prestigious award with your court."

Meriwether Probate Court honored for Clearance Rate Excellence for 2017