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Online training offered for pesticide applicator re-certification

August 18, 2017

The University of Georgia's Center for Urban Agriculture has developed an online, live, interactive training program that allows individuals with a pesticide applicator license to obtain re-certification credits from virtually anywhere. You will need a computer with internet access and speakers.

If you do not have good internet service you may come to the Meriwether County Extension office to access the program. If you decide to do that you will pay our office the fee for attending the training. Please contact our office by calling 706-672-4235 or email scj24262@uga.edu.

· Turfgrass Disease Control with Emphasis in IPM: Fall Activities: Dr. Alfredo Martinez, Department of Plant Pathology, University of Georgia, Griffin, GA
· Peach Production in the Southeastern U.S. - Use of Green Technologies; Dr. Dario Chavez, Department of Horticulture, University of Georgia, Griffin, GA

DATE and TIME: September 20, 2017; 7:45 to 10:00 AM EDT (On-line via Internet)
Georgia Commercial & Private Applicator Credit: 2 h Cats 21, 24; 2 h PRIVATE

1-10 participants - $10.00 per person
11-20 participants - $7.50 per person
21-100 participants - $5.00 per person
More than 100 pay a flat rate of $500

REGISTRATION (closes September 18, 2017 at noon): To register, go to http://gtbop.com/#pricing

 and click on the GREEN bar. If you have trouble navigating the process, contact Beth Horne at 770-228-7214. Once payment has been processed you are officially registered.

After Registration and any time BEFORE the day of the webinar: Go to http://gtbop.com/getting-ready/

 using the computer you will use on the day of the webinar and execute the “Getting Ready Steps”.

On the MORNING OF the webinar:
Whether you are watching ALONE or with a GROUP (a group is two or more) you are REQUIRED to complete and return a sign-in sheet to Beth Horne (bhorne@uga.edu) immediately after the webinar. Keep a copy for your records. The appropriate sign-in sheet can be found at http://gtbop.com/getting-ready/

Sign into Collaborate by 7:40 AM U.S. East Coast Time:
Watching by yourself? You MUST sign into Blackboard Collaborate with your FIRST and LAST NAME, or your name exactly as it appears on the sign-in sheet (NO abbreviations, nicknames, first or last names only, initials, etc.) We can only award CEUs if we can associate your Collaborate log-in name with the name as it appears on the sign-in sheet. 
Watching as a group of two or more? The appointed On-Site Facilitator MUST SIGN into Collaborate as "Company Name hyphen Location" (e.g., "Dan's Landscaping - Griffin").

QUESTIONS? Contact Beth Horne at 770-228-7214 (bhorne@uga.edu) or Dan Suiter at 770-233-6114 (dsuiter@uga.eu) We hope to see you on-line.

The Center for Urban Agriculture Webinar Team

What Others are Saying:
"This was my first UGA webinar and I am really kicking myself for waiting so long to take advantage of it. It certainly will not be my last one!"
"Great job!!! Best money spent.”
“Very convenient. Thank you for making it possible."
"As a first timer of the online course I will definitely recommend it to others."
“This is my first webinar and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was very informative. I am looking forward to the next one. Thank you.
Mark Your Calendar for Upcoming Webinars
November 15(2 h Cats. 21,24,27; 2 h Private):

Problem Weed Control in Turfgrass; Dr. Patrick McCullough, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, University of Georgia, Griffin, GA 
Weed Control in Ornamentals; Dr. Mark Czarnota, Department of Horticulture, University of Georgia, Griffin, GA

Susan C James
Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent
UGA Extension-Meriwether County
706-672-4235 Office
706-977-0882 Mobile


Susan C James
Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent
UGA Extension-Meriwether County
706-672-4235 Office
706-977-0882 Mobile