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​US Fisheries Center in Warm Springs​

I went to the open house last Saturday at the Warm Springs Regional Fisheries Center and really learned a lot about what they do. The center has three divisions: the Fish Hatchery, the Fish Health Center and the Fish Technology Center. Each division has its own staff and responsibilities. The facility has many beautiful things to look at as well as many wonderful educational exhibits. Their pitcher plants (Sarracenia spp.) are some of the healthiest I have ever seen which includes specimens in botanical gardens. All of the plants are displayed delightfully in a small flat bottom boat in one of their ponds. Koi were all congregating in one corner of one of the fountains the day I took pictures. From a distance they looked like a golden blur in motion but up close I could see the variation in colors. They also have some really big triploid grass carp. If you have ever called me to ask about managing aquatic vegetation or algae in your pond you have heard me mention these fish. Triploid grass carp are a good management tool but they must be young. Filamentous algae is a much less preferred food than plants but it is the fingerling carp that will feed on it. After 5-7 years of age though their feeding slows down for all vegetation. According to the Southern Regional Aquaculture Center either restock triploid grass carp every 5-7 years or restock every year with 20% of the original number of stock. Don’t expect carp as large as these to help keep vegetation under control! The Fish Health Center is responsible for certification of triploid grass carp and can provide information on businesses where small ones can be purchased. The staff can also help if you believe that your fish are diseased or have parasites. The Technology Center is the only applied research facility of its type in the southeast and it is committed to developing healthy fish populations. The staff of all three are committed to environmental education and public outreach opportunities for visitors, school groups and other organizations. But like many government agencies the staff is limited and must focus on fulfilling necessary tasks and responsibilities. That’s where becoming a volunteer can help. Rosla Plant, who worked at the Center for many years, now helps out as a member of their Friends Group. Meriwether County is really fortunate to have such an important facility and residents should take more advantage of all it has to offer. To learn more, please visit: https://www.fws.gov/warmsprings/index.html or
If I hadn’t seen this one with my own two eyes I might have just put it down to armadillo or, maybe, even squirrel damage in my lawn. But the “holes” (in the picture below) weren’t really as deep as they typically would be for an animal digging for grubs or earthworms or to bury nuts or acorns. Some of you who play golf may have already figured it out. For those of you who have neighbors who play golf, beware! They may decide to use your lawn to practice hitting balls. That’s what happened in my front yard one evening and the next day I got to see the damage it caused. So there are times when two legged critters can be just as frustrating as the four legged kind when trying to maintain a nice lawn.
Hunting Lease Workshop: What’s a Good One?
With Dr. Mark McConnell, Wildlife Outreach Specialist with the UGA Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
Tuesday, November 14th from 7:00-8:00 PM
Troup County Ag Center located at 21 Vulcan Materials Road in LaGrange, GA
Presented by Troup, Harris and Meriwether counties
For more information or to pre-register please contact Susan James at 706-672-4235 or scj24262@uga.edu
Get Creative Series:
For more information or to pre-register for any of the Creative Series classes please contact us at 706-672-4235 or scj24262@uga.edu
Creating Your Own Hand Crafted Artisan Soaps
This class is full.
Rena Abernathy of Thalia Farms and Apiary and maker of artisan soaps for over 16 years will demonstrate the process. Preregistration and payment is required along with safety glasses and long sleeves. Participants limited to 15. Cost is $10.00.
Saturday, November 4th from 9:30 am-12:00 pm. The location is Thalia Farms and Apiary at 3005 County Line Church Road, Warm Springs GA.
Making Holiday Wreaths for Thanksgiving and Beyond
Susan James, ANR Agent and Ashley Harman 4-H Agent for Meriwether County, will help participants create wreaths with natural materials collected from the garden and woods. Participants limited to 15. Cost is $10.00. All materials will be provided except ribbon so participants are encouraged to bring any that they would like to use.
Saturday, November 11th from 9:30 am-12:00 pm.
Holiday Swags of Native Greenery
Susan James and Ashley Harman will demonstrate how to create swags with natural materials collected from the 


Susan C James
Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent
UGA Extension-Meriwether County
706-672-4235 Office
706-977-0882 Mobile

garden and woods that can be used to decorate mantles, porches, doorways, etc. Participants limited to 15. Cost is $10.00.
Saturday, December 2nd from 9:30 am-12:00 pm.
The classes for Holiday Wreaths and Swags will be held at the Meriwether County Extension office. We will be either at our present location down the hall from the Tax and Tag office on the Square in Greenville or we will be in our new location in the old Greenville Middle School building at 2100 Gaston Street in Greenville.
A Year in the Life of a Honey Bee
Tuesday, November 28 7:00-8:30 PM
Another great class with Jim Quick, Research Professional in the UGA Entomology Department and Master Beekeeper. This class will take a closer look at the tasks necessary throughout the year to maintain hives. We will meet again at New Hope Church Fellowship Hall at 7719 Callaway Road, Greenville. Drinks and snacks will be provided. Please call 706-672-4235 or email scj24262@uga.edu if you plan to attend.
Forages-Pesticide Credits
Managing Insect Pests of Forages with Pesticides
The class, taught by Susan James ANR Agent, will go over the various insect pests of annual and perennial forages grown for pasture and hay, including alfalfa, grasses and small grains. The different chemical modes of action (MOA) of recommended pesticides and their precautionary statements and personal protection equipment requirements will be discussed.
1 hour of recertification credit is offered for Georgia Private Pesticide Applicators, Commercial Pesticide Applicators in Categories 21 (Plant Agriculture) and 24 (Turf and Ornamentals).
Monday, December 4th 6:00-7:00 PM
Hopefully this class will take place at our new office space in the old Greenville Middle School building at 2100 Gaston Street, Greenville, GA 30222.
For more information or to pre-register please contact Susan James at 706-672-4235 or scj24262@uga.edu
Southeast Cattle Handling for Women Producers: Advanced BQA Training and Farm Safety Workshop
December 5-6, 2017
This 2 day workshop is designed to provide leadership training for female cattle producers in the Southeast. The workshop will be held at the UGA Livestock Instructional Arena in Athens, GA. It is limited to 20 participants to facilitate gaining hands-on experience. The workshop will cover BQA Training and Certification, Media Training, Tractor Safety, Truck & Trailer Safety, Reproduction & Dystocia, and Herd Record Keeping. The cost for attending the workshop is $75/person and will be due upon acceptance.
If you are interested in attending the workshop, please let me know as soon as possible and I will forward the application and itinerary to you. Accepted applicants will be notified by November 17, 2017.
West Georgia Creamery
The creamery is partly owned by local dairyman Kenneth Murphy and milk produced locally is in the creamery products. Those products are being sold in Meriwether County at Gentry’s Country Store at 5428 Luthersville Road in Rocky Mount and at Wargo’s Pumpkin Patch on weekends at 2041 Lone Oak Road. Their milk products are pasteurized but not homogenized so you get all of the cream on the top. Give the bottle a good shake if you want it mixed up or, if you are like me, sample the cream first, then shake. They have chocolate and buttermilk as well as plain. I hear that it all is going fast!
Strickland Brothers Farm
Fresh greens are available (as well as some summer vegetables that are still producing). They have some of their farm grown pumpkins left too.
Thalia Farms and Apiary
Farm owner Rena Abernathy is looking for pecans. She would like to exchange labor and pecans for honey or labor for a share of the pecans. Rena also has honey for sale. She can be reached at: imisscolo@aol.com
Manchester Rail Road Days
Hagan's boothSaturday, October 21st from 9-4. There will be railroad collection displays, model layouts, Railroadiana sales, a Rotary Club car show, food vendors and the always enjoyable Observation Deck.
Hummingbird Festival in Hogansville
Saturday and Sunday, October 21st and 22nd
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Leighanne and Tom Hagan, owners of Sweet Berry Orchard in Lone Oak, will be selling delicious homemade strawberry shortcake and blueberry cheesecake. Look for the booth with all of the strawberries!
Have a wonderful weekend,
Susan C James
Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent
UGA Extension-Meriwether County
706-672-4235 Office
706-977-0882 Mobile

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